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Web Bar is a desktop application for searching the Internet easily
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Web Bar is a very simple tool that helps you quickly search the Internet for any data. It is in fact a neat and tiny toolbar stripped of any additional utilities, functions, and options, being transformed into a minimalistic search bar that lets you quickly perform search queries using the Yahoo engine.

Web Bar automatically detects all the web browsers that are installed on your computer and lets you choose any of them to be used for displaying the search results and navigating the Internet. It also provides a quick one-click access to popular websites like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon or Wikipedia.

Unfortunately, this search bar cannot be customized in any way. No buttons can be added to it or removed from it, its position on the desktop will always be on the top area, as it cannot be moved or resized, and its color scheme and visual appearance are automatically set according to your installed browsers.

Anyway, despite its flaws, Web Bar is pretty handy. It offers a really quick and easy way so search the web right from your desktop, and it’s also free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very simple, neat, and lightweight
  • Free
  • Allows using any of the installed browsers to perform the search queries


  • Cannot be hidden, resized, moved, customized or even closed
  • Cannot toggle off its "always on top" setting
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